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Don't believe these commonly held myths about men:

  • Men are incapable of communicating with women.  Baloney! Men can be effective and reliable partners. A guy's "inner Neanderthal" will give way to a more human experience once the man wakes up and gets help to upgrade his awareness and communication.
  •  Men never wake up until it's too late!  Allright.....In a lot of cases this is tragically true. BUT, once a guy wakes up, he'll really surprise you with the speed and dedication that he devotes---once he's on track. Some call this the "DAWN OVER MARBLEHEAD" phenomenon!

  • Women are Human Beings and Men are Human Doings.  Don't blame men for the way the culture and their father's have programmed them. The vast majority of men don't have a clue about the discrepancy between their emotional reality and the way that women are raised to be more expressive and feelings aware.  


If you have any of the following frustrations, I can help you:

  • He gives you mixed messages about his commitment
  • He is both dazzling and slippery and you never know where you stand with him
  • He is still over involved with his ex, and you're losing patience
  • You don't know how to state your needs with him without coming away from a talk feeling that you are wrong
  • You can't handle his anger, you realize there's no future if he can't control it, and you just aren't able to get his attention about how serious this is
  • You are ready to start seeking a healthy man for a long term relationship, but you don't have a clue about how to do it and feel safe



I hope that you can entice your partner to visit my site and take advantage of the resources here. If all else fails, feel free to sign up for a coaching session. I'll work with you to maximize your relationship's potential.

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