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WHAT IS RELATIONSHIP COACHING? It is a temporary partnership where I'll join with you as a catalyst and facilitator to assist you in creating better relationships and communication.Help you set better goals and then reach those goals.

MY MAJOR ROLE -Is to challenge you to do more than you would have on your own. -To create a shared focus that will lead you to better relationships. -To provide the tools, support and structure to help you accomplish more.

IS IT PSYCHOTHERAPY? No. Therapy is based upon creating a safe place to resolve old hurts, and to facilitate healing and closure of chronic issues. Therapy can be expensive and time consuming.

HOW IS COACHING DIFFERENT? Coaching is about our co-creating a plan that leads you to better, more satisfying relationships. With my creating a structure, and giving you new tools and great support, you'll get unstuck and have a measurable plan to lead you to the relationship life you deeply desire. Coaching is ultimately about taking action.

WHY CAN'T I DO IT ON MY OWN, OR WITH A FRIEND? Because you are probably operating your relationship life from a self created set of beliefs and habits. A friend will only tell you things based on your current definition of the problem. You deserve a new definition of your situation and the safe guiding experience of a "change agent". I see myself like the old guide who led the first settlers out West. He had taken the trip so many times, that they could rely on his advice and they faced the trip together. He knew the best route and also the areas to avoid.

HOW DO I SIGN UP FOR RELATIONSHIP COACHING? I provide coaching in the following ways.

1. Telecoaching
Telecoaching sessions involve an initial free phone consultation. Coaching begins with a one hour contracting conversation, in which we'll begins to define the scope and focus of our work, your needs, and hoped-for outcomes. We'll also agree on the length, frequency, and other logistics of the process. We'll then start a series of weekly 30 minute follow up sessions. Each session will end with homework and directed activities I'll gladly receive e-mail progress reports between sessions. There will be no charge for these.

2. In-Person Sessions
We'll meet face to face at either my office in Littleton, MA. or in Nashua, NH. If you live in or are visiting the New England area, I suggest that you have at least one of your sessions face to face. Click on the box below, and you'll get to an information and sign up form. Make the commitment.

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