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Let you parents find themselves,
it's the best thing you can do.
Let your parents find themselves,
for you've some searching too!
The past had given them few tools,
they married awkward fought like fools.
You guided them through stormy seas,
so quick to come between and please.
Their loyal jester, bright big smile
you gave so much, their small hurt child.
You took their many cares to bed,
their burden born, your pain unsaid.
The bard he knows of what he sings,
a parent's task is to give wings.
And roots that give the strength to grow,
but not to tangle, not to slow.
So in your final wisdom, be brave and cut the tie.
Find your own wings, go your way
and teach yourself to fly.
The world can equal any dream,
it's not as hard as it may seem,
Once we drop our binding chains,
a wealth of chance comes back- remains.
So join the dance, and feel your power.
Take the chance, your dawning hour.
Lift your head and greet the sun,
your breath is strong, life can be fun.

Joe Mansfield






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