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THE DAY FINALLY CAME. She went to the travel agent and told him of the trip she had decided to take. He told her that although the trip was possible, a trip to Europe or the Mediterranean would be simpler and more pleasant.

She insisted on the trip to Katmandu, got her tickets and then began her journey. The flight seemed endless. Boston to London. London to Delhi, a frightening long bus ride and hassles at customs.

When she arrived at the guru's center, the guard at the date tried to dissuade her from going through with her plan. There was a long line of people, many had been waiting days to see him. The guard said that even if she could wait for her turn in the line, when she got to see the Guru, she could only speak three words to him.

She remained firm, got in line, and finally after such an ordeal ,it was her turn to sit with the guru. She entered his room which was resplendent with flowers, idols and incense. She took her seat, faced the guru, looked into his loving eyes and simply said "Sheldon, come home!".



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